Drones have become a novelty for many people in today’s influx of technological toys. For home inspections, it has become a useful tool that allows for thorough and safe inspections for hard-to-reach roofs.  We use a commercial grade drone to make sure we can look over your roof and find anything that would cause concern.

Many roof designs on modern houses have increased the overall height and incline.  This makes for a visually amazing house but can cause concern for an inspector when challenged with getting on top to give a thorough inspection.  Along with design, some roofing materials in themselves make it difficult to traverse across safely. A drone helps limit or reduce the risk for an inspector by allowing high quality imaging and video that can be controlled from the ground.

When considering a company to use for your next inspection, consider the quality, ease of use, and safety that comes with using a drone.  Your chances of shortcuts being taken are greatly reduced when an inspector can fly a drone over the entire roof to evaluate the overall condition.

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