Inspection Crawler

Freedom Home Inspectors utilizes a state-of-the-art robot to enter, inspect, and photograph houses that have crawl spaces. With not only the inspector’s safety in mind, these robots are also utilized to ensure the most thorough report to buyers.  Because of the hazards, obstacles, and sheer work involved in entering a crawl space, many times this area of the house may be overlooked. You may ask yourself, what is in a crawl space and why does it matter to have it included in the inspection?

There are some positives to a house with crawl spaces that could save a homeowner significant money if repairs are needed to flooring, busted pipes, or HVAC systems.  Since the crawl space allows workers to easily access a lot of these systems, it will save you a great deal of money if you ever have an issue. Crawl spaces also make it convenient, if properly equipped for inspectors to make sure there are no underlying conditions.  

Because it is easy to access so much, it is imperative that a crawl space is inspected to make sure there is no build up of water, air flow is not restricted, and existing leaks. Because crawl spaces range in heights and conditions, it is not always possible or safe for a human to get underneath and look at everything.  Using the robot to get in, photograph, and navigate all the tight areas will let you rest easier knowing you have a safe crawl space between the ground and your new home.

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