There are many choices when it comes to landscaping a yard.  Some prefer regular mulch, as others might like the rubber mulch with landscape fabric under it to keep the weeds from growing.  Many also like the look of rock as the landscape choice.  Does rock landscaping attract bugs? The answer is, No.  Rock landscaping does not attract bugs.  There is no food source for bugs when it comes to rock because it does not decompose.  Rock would absolutely be a great choice for your landscaping needs.

Let’s do some comparing when it comes to rock vs mulch for your landscaping needs.


Using rocks in your landscape has many pros.  They don’t decompose so they will last longer.  It can actually last a lifetime so you won’t have to replace it.  You might have to add more if you lose some rocks to flooding.  Rocks are also very low maintenance.  While they may be a larger initial investment, they are less expensive in the long run.

Mulch is great at suppressing weeds and looks great in landscape design.  Mulch does decompose and will become part of the soil so it will need to be replaced.  On average it will need to be replaced every year.  Mulch helps the soil to retain moisture and reduce evaporation on the surface so you will be able to water less.


Whichever you decide to use can be trampled on by animals.  Animals can destroy mulch by diggings as well as using as a place to use the bathroom, which will attract bugs.  Rock on the other hand will hold up to animals and people walking on it.  You would need to lay landscape fabric down before putting the rock so no weeds will grow through.


Landscaping rock does include some cons.

  1. Rocks sinking into the ground- If there is a lot of foot traffic, rocks can and will start sinking into the ground.  If they do begin to sink you might have to add more rock.
  2. Injury from rock-Make sure the landscape rocks remain in the landscape area.  If the rocks get caught in a mower they can fly at high speeds causing injury.
  3. Will not provide nutrients for the soil- rocks/stones do not provide any nutrients for the soil such as phosphorus or nitrogen, so they cannot give any necessary nutrients to your plants or flowers.
  4. The rocks will attract heat.  Landscaping rocks absorb heat from the sun so they will get extremely hot to the touch.  Also, if there is enough rock it could potentially even heat up your home. Take extra precautions

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The national average cost for medium/large landscaping rocks is $500-$1500 to install.

Homeowners pay on average $460-$1000 to purchase and install medium or large rocks on their own.  Depending on materials, the range is $25 to $105 per cubic yard.  You could save money by doing this yourself or pay extra to have a professional take over.


If the rock is walked on it could press down into the ground and need to have extra rocks applied.  Also, with any flooding the rocks would need to be replaced.  You would need to use landscape fabric to keep weeds from growing between rocks.


Call a professional for help if you have and questions about the type of landscaping you want to have.  A professional can always help if you are confused or if its complicated.  This is also true for a pest inspector or even a home inspector as they can tell you what might work best. If you are having other issues as well, this might be a great time to contact a home inspector to have a full home inspection completed,


Planning out the landscaping for your home can be a lot of fun.  There are pros and cons to all the materials so make sure to plan in advance.  Have fun with it and enjoy your new landscaped yard.

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