Why Changing Your AC Filter is so Important

    Regular maintenance on your AC system increases its efficiency and improves its performance. Replacing the AC filter is the most important step to taking care of your system.  The air conditioning experts at EnergyStar recommend changing the AC filter every three months, minimum.  One of the main benefits to changing your ac filter is peak performance during those hot summer months.  If the AC filter has an abundance of dirt and debris it can obstruct air flow which increases the load on your cooling system.  By changing your AC filter often, your air conditioner will have less wear and tear and the inside will feel more comfortable.

    Changing your AC filter regularly will improve your indoor air quality.  The right AC filter will catch pollutants, particles and dust which will ensure the quality of your indoor air.  When you have quality indoor air it can have a positive impact on the health of your entire family.

    Another reason to change your AC filter regularly is because as air filters become older and breakdown and can release fibers and debris.  This can lead to costly mechanical breakdowns and can also make your home less comfortable.

Make Your Home Comfortable in Hot Weather

 Living in the south, our summers can be unbearably hot and sticky.   Here are a few necessary steps to make sure your home is comfortable.

Keep Your AC System Regularly Maintained

    In order for your AC system to run efficiently it will need to be maintained.  Once a month filters will need to be checked for dust and debris and replaced if needed.  It’s recommended that AC filters are changed every 3 month at minimum.

    Regular maintenance will help make sure the system is running economically and will improve the air quality of the air circulating through your home.  Schedule your ac maintenance in the spring so that you can have your system running in pristine condition before those summer temps soar through the roof.

The Right Temperature on your Thermostat

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    If you’re leaving to go out of town a few days, don’t be tempted to switch your AC on off.   If you do, you might come home to your house being extremely hot and stuffy,  It will cause a huge strain on your AC unit if you have to try to cool it down too much, too quickly.  For this reason, it’s much better to just leave the AC running 24/7, even if going out of town,

    For best results, set the thermostat up during the day when you’re out and about, and put it on a lower temp at night when you are asleep.  If you do it this way it’s less of a strain on your system and helps your system to run economically.

Keep Windows Closed

    If the temperature outside is hot, refrain from opening the windows.  Opening windows will just let the warm air in.  Try to keep all windows and doors shut tight during the day.  It’s okay to open windows at night when the temperature drops, as it will also provide ventilation.

Shut All Curtains and Blinds

    When the sun is out always close your blinds and/or curtains.  Blinds and Curtains will help block the sun which in return will help your AC system to keep your house cool.

Try Fans

    If looking for a quick way to cool down a room when the weather is hot, try electric fans.  Fans circulate air throughout a space so they make a room feel cooler even through it doesn’t actually cool the air.  If trying to sleep and it’s warm and sticky try plugging in a fan so you can get a gentle breeze.  Most people even find the noise from a fan can  help them fall asleep.

Shading Your Home

    Consider planting trees and foliage on the side of your property that gets the most sun.  This might not be a short term solution, since that can take a while to grow but can definitely help once they grow enough to shade,

Doing these necessary steps can help you make sure your home is comfortable during the hot summer months.

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